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Our Team

Patricia Martinez
Legal/Executive Assistant

Meet Patricia: An Integral Member of Our Team

At the Law Office of Jason Perry, LLC, we are proud to have Patricia as a key member of our team. As an Intake Specialist and Legal Assistant, Patricia plays a vital role in the smooth operation of our office and in ensuring that our clients receive the highest level of service. You can reach her during office hours via phone or text here

Dedicated Support and Client Assistance

Patricia is your first point of contact, assisting with initial intake and scheduling. Her role is crucial in managing the initial steps of our client's legal journeys, ensuring that each case gets off to a well-organized start. Patricia's responsibilities extend to supporting clients and Mr. Perry in gathering necessary records and information, a critical aspect of building strong cases.

Effective Communication and Liaison

Understanding the importance of clear and consistent communication, Patricia adeptly manages communications with clients. She serves as a vital link to Mr. Perry, especially when he is in court or attending hearings. Her efficiency and attention to detail ensure that client inquiries are addressed promptly and that important information is relayed accurately to Mr. Perry.

Commitment to Client Service

Patricia's commitment to client service is evident in her proactive approach to case management. She ensures that clients are kept up-to-date with their case progress and provides the necessary support to navigate the complexities of their legal processes. Her role is integral in maintaining the high standards of client care that the Law Office of Jason Perry, LLC is known for.

Patricia's expertise and dedication make her an invaluable asset to our team and, most importantly, to our clients, who benefit from her diligent support and assistance throughout their legal journey.

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At The Law Office of Jason Perry, LLC, I focus on military disability and I am here to listen to you and help you navigate the legal system.

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The Law Office of Jason Perry, LLC is committed to answering your questions about military disability issues. I offer consultations and I'll gladly discuss your case with you at your convenience. Contact me today to schedule an appointment.

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