Attorney Profile  

I am a former active duty Judge Advocate who served as a Soldiers’ Counsel at the Texas Physical Evaluation Board. In that position, I represented more than 200 Soldiers at formal hearings with impressive results. In addition to representing Soldiers, I was responsible for training new attorneys assigned to the PEB. Prior to that assignment, I served as a Senior Trial Counsel and later as a military magistrate. After I left the Army, I decided to continue to practice in the area of military disability law. I also volunteer pro bono on veteran’s appeals cases.
I earned my law degree in 2001 from Quinnipiac University School of Law where I was a Dean’s Scholar and recipient of the American Jurisprudence award for Evidence. I graduated in the top quarter of my class. I am a 1997 cum laude graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.
I am admitted to practice law in the State of Connecticut, in the US Court of Federal Claims, and in the US Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. I am an accredited VA attorney. Federal law qualifies me to practice before all military branches Physical Evaluation Boards.
I am a Commandantís List graduate of the Judge Advocate General Corps Officer Basic Course. Before joining the JAG Corps, I commanded the 1166th Transportation Company at Ft. Bragg, NC. I joined the military in 1992, enlisting as an infantryman in the Massachusetts Army National Guard. I completed basic training at Ft. Benning, GA. I earned a commision in 1996 after attending Officer Candidate School.


My practice is devoted to helping Servicemembers get the benefits they deserve. The practice of law before the Physical Evaluation Boards is challenging and rewarding. As a Soldiers’ Counsel, I found it very satisfying to help my clients with their cases. After I left the Army, I continued to practice in this area and widened my practice to all Services. I know the laws and regulations the Physical Evaluation Boards use to determine your eligibility for benefits. I also know the criteria the PEB and the VA use to determine the percentage rating of your disabilities based on the VASRD (Veteranís Affairs Schedule for Rating Disabilities), DOD Instructions, and service regulations. In addition, I provide a bulletin board system website,, that offers free information to all Servicemembers.

Aggressive Representation

My experience has shown that with aggressive representation you can change the outcome of your case. You can’t change the facts of your case. But with my help you can gather evidence to convince the Physical Evaluation Board that your condition warrants a better finding. To do so, I will thoroughly review your case to see what the issues are and where the Physical Evaluation Board may have missed something. I will compare your condition against the VASRD rating criteria and see if the medical evidence supports a higher rating or if a different rating code is more appropriate. I will help you document the impact of your condition on your duty performance. If I can get clear evidence that warrants a change in your condition, I will do something few other attorneys do- I will attempt to change the decision in your case before the Formal Physical Evaluation Board. Oftentimes, if presented with persuasive evidence before the formal board, the Informal PEB will change their mind. Attorneys who practice in this area don’t usually do this because they limit their representation to arguing your case at the formal hearing. I think this is a mistake. Because of my reasonable fee policy, I have no motivation to charge you more for appearing. I will work hard to win your case and if possible, win early. The earlier I can start to work on your case, the more impact I can have on the result.


I offer the best value for representation for PEB cases. My fee philosophy is that the amount you pay reflects a fair value for my experience and the potential financial impact getting a favorable outcome will have on you and your family. Why do I charge less than many other attorneys? There are two basic reasons. The first reason is that with my experience, I can research your case much faster than many attorneys. The second reason is that I believe Servicemembers should have access to high quality representation at a reasonable cost.

A reasonable fee is only part of the value my firm offers. My clients can count on being kept up date on their case, and being able to reach me.

If you have any questions, you can contact me here.